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The second assistant gets behind Erin and slides his dick into her. Erin slowly says yes. Erin starts to suck the second assistant's cock, and Daniella talks her through it, getting her in touch with her carnal side, but their focus remains on each other. Angela White talks to t Erin isn't listening. The patient does so, and Daniella scans it to confirm all the fields are complete. When the second assistant walks around to face Erin, Daniella again instructs Erin to mirror her. I went as far as I could.' Daniella is almost at a loss, and though her words are measured, she is frustrated, 'Okay. Seth Gamble ) enters the room silently and slips behind Daniella to fondle her breasts. The therapist continues, 'I really need you to pay attention and work with me today. They're so messy, so bestial. 'I don't want to go to anyone else. She coaxes Erin down to get on all fours, close enough where the two women can almost kiss. Is Erin ready for the final phase of her immersion therapy? 'It's not MY body. I'm willing to do whatever you think we need.' Daniella smiles, 'Excellent. Erin tries not to stare at her breasts. CUT back to the therapist's office. Erin is startled, but Daniella quickly calms her, 'Don't mind him! Erin, this is becoming almost beyond what I can help you with in my practice.

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